Nature Spirit Chants

Fur And Feather (Words and music by Sable) - MP3 (547K) - PDF (Music)

Fur & Feather & Scale & Skin
Different without but the same within.
Many of body but one of soul
Through all creatures are we made whole.

Hoof and Horn (Words and music by Ian Corrigan) - MP3 (511K) - PDF (Music)

Hoof and Horn / Hoof and Horn
All that dies shall be reborn.
Corn and Grain / Corn and Grain
All that falls shall raise again.

Horned One - MP3 (371K) - PDF (Music)

(Words by Buffalo, recorded on Welcome to Annwfn)

Horned One, Lover, Son,
Leaper in the corn
Deep in the Mother,
Die and be reborn.

Mother Weave (Words by Phoenix) - MP3 (470K) - PDF (Music)

Mother, weave your circle tight
Spin a web of glowing light
Bone and blood
Scale and skin
Bind us to you

Earth Child (Words by Phoenix) - MP3 (540K) - PDF (Music)

Earth child, Wild one, born of the Earth
Call to us, and sing to us, creatures of the Earth
Ay ya, Ay ya Oh
Ay ya, Ay ya Oh

Last updated - 4/5/04